B.I.G. Prefab Booths Maximize Resources

B.I.G. reduces installation time and expense by meeting the energy and building codes of every state in the U.S.— Something few others have achieved.

Another way B.I.G. helps architects and specifiers get more out of their budgets is architectural flexibility. B.I.G.’s designers can make your booth look like it’s been custom built just for your environment—without the custom cost.

First Impressions

Whether you are looking to specify a guard booth to safeguard people, property and confidential matters inside a facility or to establish the first line of defense between your operation and a penetration threat on its perimeter, the structure you are seeking also defines the image of your facility.

We all know the importance of First Impressions.

In the case of a guard shelter, First Impressions work for not only all friendly types that visit your facility, helping them feel that the facility is secure and safe, but can also express an image of intimidation and deterrence, impressing those who might be intent upon unfriendly activities.

The high number of design options that B.I.G. can offer include the most elegant and the most rugged options in electrical, lighting, flooring, interior built-ins, siding, roofing and glazing.

Budget Savings

At the same time B.I.G. booths are built for beauty and to be long-lasting, the difference between built-on-site and prefabricated can sometimes be as much as 15-30% in savings.  Click here to ask for your quote and compare the “bang for your buck”.

Aside from the usual cost savings of pre-fab over traditional construction, some states provide tax advantages of mobile or prefab booths. Because many booths can be completely dismantled, relocated and reassembled or simply moved in one piece, they are classified as “tangible property” of your company.

As a result, the purchase price can be depreciated over seven years. Conventional construction, on the other hand, becomes a permanent addition to the building and is classified as “real property” with a 39-year depreciable life. This difference in depreciation significantly reduces total project cost and considerably improves the bottom line.

Reach out to us.  We look forward to speaking with you and exploring elegant solutions for your project.


Want more information? Download a whitepaper on Twelve Questions to Ask Before Specifying a Guard Booth.
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