Stainless Steel Guard Booth

A booth designed for the elements, made with type 304 stainless steel and available with optional bullet-resistant upgrades, the Stainless Guard Booth by B.I.G. Enterprises is peerless.

This design features combination of function, security, and environmental impact and is a perfect example of why nobody understands the prefab building industry like B.I.G.

This stainless steel booth is a shining example of B.I.G.’s dedication to protection through quality materials and design – with factors like bullet resistance, blast mitigation, and the preservation of life for your team and others being at the top of the concerns by the engineers and architects. The prefab Stainless Guard Booth unit offers maximum visibility and efficient access to the tools that your security staff needs in order to protect your work force and guests, while also monitoring and managing your facility against unwanted entry or other threats.

As with all B.I.G. units, this stainless steel booth is manufactured to withstand years of exposure to various temperatures and types of weather – including natural disasters like flooding, tornadoes and more – as well as the daily rigors of constant use by staff. As a factory direct supplier of prefabricated structures with over 50 years of experience, you can have the Stainless Guard Booth (as well as any other booth design in the B.I.G. catalog) built to your location’s specifications so when it arrives, you will know that it will be a perfect fit and can be used right away.