Secure Facility Guard House

At B.I.G. Enterprises, we know the importance of having an impenetrable, secure facility that protects its employees from unauthorized outsiders. For more than 50 years, we've designed high-security guard booths and military guard shacks for the U.S. government, Fortune 500 companies, and entities all over the globe. Our perimeter security products are the highest quality security booths available and will keep your facility and employees safe during any potential threat of danger or natural disaster. We are the experts in security booths, guard booths, toll booths, equipment shelters, control booths, info kiosks, parking booths, transit shelters, and many other structures. With B.I.G., you can be confident that your structure will be A.D.A compliant and meet the energy and building codes of your state. 

Bullet & Blast Resistant Booth

Our Total Security Guard Booth incorporates the latest and most advanced innovations and technologies in bulletproof and blast-resistant booths. We use only the highest quality parts and materials in our manufacturing processes, and everything you need is inside. B.I.G. guardhouses come with flooring, insulation, A/C units, heaters, electrical outlets, and amenities. The design minimizes injuries, prevents loss of life, and provides a maximum defense for employees while providing a comfortable atmosphere. B.I.G. security booths help preserve communication when under attack and have high visibility to allow employees to control potentially dangerous situations and threats. Your guards will have the ability to signal those inside the facility and contact law enforcement to diffuse any situation. 

Custom Designed For Your Secure Facility

With B.I.G., you can choose from hundreds of prefabricated booth designs from our gallery, or we can customize your booth to be congruent with the architectural design of your facility. Our custom booth manufacturing gives you endless options to create an aesthetically pleasing security booth or military guard shack. You can choose from stucco, brick, stainless steel, multi-color treatments, and architectural exterior stone panels. We will build your booth to your specifications and ship it directly to your facility. The only steps needed on your end are to lay the foundation, fasten the booth to it, and connect the electricity. No further assembly is required, and you can put it to work immediately. 

Contact Us for a Free Consultation

Since 1963, B.I.G. has been the "gold standard" in creating a secure facility. Our prefabricated security booths and military guard shacks are on-site at domestic and international corporations, universities, airports, major toll roads, and every branch of the U.S. government. We are members of ASIS, BOMA, NPA, CPPA, PAC, and several other associations. When you choose to do business with B.I.G., you know you're in good hands and that your project will be delivered on schedule and within budget. Contact us today to speak to an expert or request a quote.