Outdoor Smoking Shelter

When it comes to providing a comfortable, secluded smoking area for your employees, nobody does it better than B.I.G. Enterprises. We can provide standard or custom-designed outdoor smoking shelters to meet your specific needs, ensuring that your employees have a comfortable place to smoke and your company is compliant with state and local laws. We make each of our smoking enclosures with durable, weather-resistant materials to last for years. Each unit comes with all the amenities smokers need, including benches, ashtrays, and ventilation. And because we offer a variety of colors and finishes, you're sure to find an option that perfectly complements your company's branding and existing architecture.

Respecting Everyone

It’s hard to find a win-win situation in business, but outdoor smoking enclosures truly please everyone. They provide a comfortable, dedicated space for smokers while respecting the wishes of non-smokers and guarding them against secondhand smoke. Whether you invest in a large or small outdoor smoking shelter, you need an area that is low maintenance and reduces the amount of litter around company property. B.I.G. Enterprises offers a variety of high-quality smoking shelters that will keep your facility clean. Our durable designs are prefabricated and easy to install.

Built to Order

Each of our outdoor smoking shelters can be customized to meet your specifications and architectural requirements. Choose the right size, style, and configuration to match your existing facility’s architecture. B.I.G.'s team of experts will work closely with you to ensure that your shelter meets all applicable code requirements while creating a smoke-free environment. Whether you represent an airport, hospital, factory, warehouse, or another business, we can meet your specific needs.

Contact B.I.G. Enterprises For Custom Solutions

B.I.G Enterprises has been helping companies create comfortable outdoor smoking enclosures for over 50 years. We have a wide variety of standard and custom-design shelters to meet the needs of any industry. With our experience and expertise, we can create a custom shelter quickly at a competitive price. Talk to us about your specifications. Contact us online or call our experts at 800-669-1449 today to discuss your outdoor smoking shelter needs.