ADA Compliant Cashier Booth

Managing a parking garage requires thinking about everything from handicap parking spot requirements to collecting fees. A well-designed cashier booth can streamline your operation, increase revenue, and provide an extra layer of security. Our ADA-compliant cashier booth features a high-volume transaction window and comfortable interior, making it the go-to choice for parking garages and outdoor lots. Whether you’re building a new parking lot or upgrading an existing one, a high-quality booth can maximize your space’s potential.

Designed to Fit Your Space

Whether your parking lot is part of a government facility or a downtown garage, you want traffic to flow smoothly and safely. We proudly construct our cashier booths to be ergonomically optimized and ADA compliant. From wide entries to accessible countertops, our builders can meet all handicap requirements so any parking lot attendant can work comfortably and efficiently. At B.I.G Enterprises, we have over 100 booth designs that meet building codes and energy requirements for every state. Customize each design with HVAC, high output heaters, roof mounts, ceiling vent fans, and other options. Everything is 100% prefabricated, meaning the booth is ready to use upon delivery.

Talk To The Experts At B.I.G.

Many companies can stripe a parking spot or meet other handicapped building requirements, but we specialize in booth construction. For more than 50 years, B.I.G. Enterprises has been a high-quality provider of toll booths, cashier booths, ticket offices, security guard houses, valet booths, campground and state park entry booths, transit shelters, and other perimeter facilities. We are the experts in prefabricated custom booth solutions. Call us at 800-669-1449 for more information or request a quote today!