Trailer Booth

Trailer Booth

As a fully self-contained, and highway-approved portable guard booth, The Trailer Booth from B.I.G. Enterprises is the ultimate in temporary guard or cashier units and is built to the same impressive standards as the permanent, prefab buildings offered in our catalog.

Elaborating further, the Trailer Booth allows you to set up a station for a security guard or gate attendant wherever you need. These fully self-contained portable guard booths offer a fast-acting solution to any location that requires a non-permanent security or ticketing site. Every variation of this portable guard booth is built on an industry-leading, Department of Transportation highway-approved trailer and are a plug-and-play tool for any place you can access with your towing vehicle.

Each trailer booth can be built with the following features to best fit your application: If you don’t see something you need listed below, just ask!  We can most likely accommodate your needs.

  • Different sizes/dimensions to house or protect 1 or 2 personnel
  • Generators for your electronic equipment/tools
  • Air Conditioning for temperature management
  • Ballistic Protection upgrades available for exterior walls and windows
  • LED perimeter lighting for safety

With many variations upon the same initial design, the Trailer Booth can also be further customized with different exterior colors upon request. Contact one of our experts today to begin the process of customizing your portable guard booth (or booths) as a legitimate solution to your security or ticketing  needs. B.I.G. will also send you a free company catalog via email to help you better understand all of the items and units we offer as the industry leader in prefab security buildings.