The Tesoro

The Tesoro

Designed to be a larger version of our popular Ellenwood prefab guard shack, The Tesoro was designed by B.I.G. Enterprises to be a secure unit that compliments the architecture of the surrounding facility.

This unit’s exterior uses a raised thin brick panel effect in combination with the custom standing seam roof for a sturdy, yet appealing building that offers full electrical, mechanical, and many other interior amenities for your security staff to have immediate access to all of their necessary tools, gear and functions.

Plus, The Tesoro expands on the dependability of its predecessor by adding a restroom area to the unit – enabling your staff to stay on the job longer and removes the need to leave their post for bathroom breaks.

The Tesoro prefab guard shack’s modern design makes it a great fit for large complexes such as distribution facilities, as well as government facilities that need a dependable location to station security teams to monitor entry and respond to various situations. Like all prefab buildings from B.I.G., The Tesoro is made from only the best materials and can be customized in many ways to fit your needs, providing for a perfect fit and a fast install upon delivery.

Additionally, B.I.G. prefab guard shacks can be upgraded with features like bullet-resistant construction, and are designed to withstand the daily use, tough temperatures, and the most-inclement weather possible for years. Call to talk to one of our experts and start the process of getting the best buildings in the prefab market.