The Park Court

The Park Court

Offering an industry-leading level of protection and function for your security team, The Park Court prefab entrance control kiosk includes an in-unit restroom and gives your team a versatile and well-constructed location to manage the traffic in and out of your complex.

Built to the same high standards as every style of prefab building in the B.I.G. Enterprises catalog, this security station features a unique roof style and can be customized to fit your particular location’s needs.

Customizing your prefab booth doesn’t end with the variety of color treatments that B.I.G. offers our customers – when you contact B.I.G., you’re able to adjust the dimensions and materials of your building to better meet your needs. Upgrade features can include materials like bullet-resistant constructions, and more. All of these decisions are discussed and agreed upon before the units are created, which ensures that your units arrive exactly how you want them and that the installation goes quickly upon delivery.

All B.I.G. prefab buildings come pre-wired for all of your electrical needs and can be outfitted with shelves and other items to help your security team handle their daily tasks.

Call us now to request a quote and receive a spec guide via email. Our experts will assist you with determining which of our entrance control buildings will work best with your needs based on your particular facilities and the duties for which your staff will be using the booth.