The Arrowhead Security Booth

The Arrowhead Security Booth

Our one-of-a-kind security booths, with their build to spec or design build prefabricated construction, are in high demand throughout the US for a number of reasons, chief of which is their intuitive design and quality construction

We pride ourselves on being the industry standard in security shack design and manufacturing, offering the best prefabricated structures, designed with the most comprehensive equipment and advanced security features available.

Why B.I.G Enterprises?

You’ll enjoy the highest quality of security guard shack and booth designs, completely customizable to your specifications, and with reliable, expert customer service throughout the order process. Plus, your new structure features:

  • No complicated installation requirements
  • HVAC and other features to ensure your personnel’s comfort and safety
  • Plug-and-play nature of the security shack provides flexibility and movability
  • Bullet and blast resistant design options
  • Weather resistant design for your specific location
  • Code Compliant for every city in the USA

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Here at B.I.G, we manufacture all our booths and guard shacks to suit the specific needs of clients without the hassle of you needing to design or build the booth yourself. Our options offer customizability without compromising on safety or structural integrity. Our security shacks meet the energy and building codes of every single state in the United States, a testament to our experience and dedication to the manufacture of top-quality products.

Get in touch with one of our experts with any questions, and explore all of our security booth designs.