Technology Protector II Security Guard Kiosk

Technology Protector II Security Guard Kiosk

For many industrial facilities holding technological installations, maintaining a secure perimeter onsite is key to the smooth running of operations. As such, a well designed security guard kiosk from a trusted provider can allow for peace of mind that business can keep booming while your staff can do their job in complete safety.

The Technology Protector II is the smaller version of the Technology Protector, made with the same top quality materials and parts, but without a restroom facility. A standard style prefabricated unit, this design includes a corrugated metal panel exterior, architectural galvanized steel, and a horizontal build-out wall painted with accent colors. Like all of our units, the Technology Protector II ensures full code and energy compliance across all US states.

Designed for Protection & Efficiency

Our security guard kiosks are designed to offer unparalleled protection for your personnel and your business. As demand for enhanced premise security is increasing, we acknowledge that protecting your organizational infrastructure can be a time-sensitive matter. For this reason, the unit ships straight to you after ordering and is ready to use as soon as it gets onsite, with everything included – electrical, flooring, HVAC, shelves, LED lights and a complete insulation package. Our units are built-to-order and small upgrades can be done to tailor the look of the booth to your preferred style. We prioritize your booth design’s unique needs, your way, without compromise.

Reliable Partner for Over 50 Years

Having started as a family-run business in 1963, our security guard kiosks are trusted by customers amongst top Fortune 500 organizations and government agencies across the country. To learn more about our Technology Protector II design, give us a call at 800-669-1449 to talk to an expert, or request a free quote online.