Elevated Parking Lot Booth for Sale

Elevated Parking Lot Booth for Sale

Your facility’s parking lot requires around the clock security to ensure that the vehicles parked in your lot – and more importantly, the drivers of those vehicles – are protected from theft and other potential threats.

B.I.G. Enterprises specializes in manufacturing high quality elevated or standard parking lot booths, featuring state of the materials, technology, and customizable design features to ensure your parking lot attendants can perform at their best. Find parking booths that meet your business’s unique security needs.

Who says perimeter parking lot guard booths have to look like one? Choose from a wide selection of custom options to create booth unique to your lot. All features are to OSHA code.

Custom Options Include:

  • Full electrical package
  • Data & Communication Port
  • HVAC
  • Elevated platform
  • Stairs

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Today's security demands that you install a parking lot booth that gives your customers peace of mind. That means outfitting that booth with the security features necessary to provide ample protection, as well as comfort features that ensure your parking lot attendants and security guards will perform at their best.

With a B.I.G. Enterprises parking attendant booth on your property, you can be confident that your lot is secure. Contact our team today to learn more about our parking booths for sale and get your free quote.