Deluxe Ocean Park with Restroom

Deluxe Ocean Park with Restroom

A perfect unit for managing entrance control into your complex, facility, or other secure areas, the Deluxe Ocean Park guard shack  with a long list of features and options.

Sporting a long-lasting standing seam roof with a baked on Kynar 500 finish, high-quality low E insulating glass (which can be upgraded to bullet-resistant strength), the Deluxe Ocean Park also features a complete in-unit restroom to keep your security staff from having to leave their post while on duty.

Every guard shack for sale at B.I.G. Enterprises comes fully wired for all the electrical and mechanical needed by your security and entrance monitoring teams – including LED lights, computer setups, and connection to entry gate-related items. The insulated walls and glass help keep your team protected from the weather outside and meet energy codes for permitting.  The interior is set up with shelving that is ready to use immediately following installation.

Contact a B.I.G. prefab building expert today to discuss your facility’s unique needs and to receive a free spec guide via email. Our catalog of guard shacks for sale is guaranteed to have something that will meet your security needs and fit in with your complex’s current architecture and style.

All of our buildings are customizable – from the colors and exteriors, to the dimensions of the rooms and the materials used – and are built to withstand years of not only constant use by staff and guests, but the temperatures and weather of Mother Nature.