Prefabricated Security Booth Applications

When security is a priority, it is imperative that you invest in the very best prefabricated security booth solutions available. Since 1963, B.I.G. Enterprises has been designing and manufacturing the world’s best physical security solutions, from simple guard shacks to virtually impenetrable fortresses, leveraging intelligent engineering, state-of-the-art materials, and advanced construction techniques.

Regardless of the application, our team has the experience and skill set required to create a custom security booth that meets –– and exceeds –– your unique needs. Additionally, with the current influx of State Mandated Modular Building Approval, no company has more experience and knowledge of the approval process than B.I.G.

Designs for Every Application

Our team specializes in designing custom prefab security booths for our clients, from the bounty of features included to the finishing architectural touches that help the unit better blend into its environment.

Over the years, we’ve created security stations and protected booths for a variety of common applications, including:

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B.I.G. Enterprises continues to set the standard for quality and reliability in the prefab security booth market. We’ve earned a reputation for meeting every challenge and exceeding every expectation when it comes to creating custom physical security solutions for every application.

If you’re not sure which design is right for you, or you’re interested in designing a completely original security booth or guard house, reach out to our team today. Our expert Sales Associates will work closely with you to find the right physical security solution for your security needs.