Parking Attendant Booths

As the name implies, a parking booth is a structure manned by attendants to help control the flow of traffic going into and out of parking lots and underground parking garages.  Although parking booths are commonly found in downtown locations, they serve a very important purpose throughout the city. These special parking shacks are used by professional companies, apartment complexes, hospitals, manufacturing plants, government buildings, and much more.

If you are searching for a parking booth for sale, it is imperative that you make your purchase from a well-respected and trusted source. This will ensure that you have a greater choice of designs and design elements, whether choosing a standard or customized booth.
As an example, if you have an attendant who spends a full shift working the booth, of the volume of traffic is extremely high, it is important to provide that individual with a comfortable work environment while guaranteeing your customers flawless service. By having heating and air, as well as a restroom included in the design, there is never a time when the booth is left unattended.
If you plan to have a parking booth installed, there are several key design options available from high-tech exterior lighting and to built-in cabinetry and cash drawers. These features can enhance the efficiency of your operations.
Today’s parking booths are completely different from those in the past. Instead of spending a great deal of money to have a booth built on site at your parking lot or garage, not to mention the amount of time it would take to finish construction, you can opt for a prefabricated building.
With a prefabricated parking booth, installation on a prepared slab is completed quickly and efficiently, including any electrical hookup required for lighting, communication equipment, etc. All you have to do is order the appropriate booth for your parking lot or garage and then allow the manufacturing company to handle the rest.
B.I.G. Enterprises is a premier provider of booths used for a broad range of applications, including parking lots and underground parking facilities. Please visit our website to view our full line of products or contact us by phone to get started on the design of your own parking booth.