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The ULTIMATE in guard shack flexibility

Custom-built looks without
the custom-built cost

Protecting your property starts at the perimeter.

Designing the guard station charged with controlling access to your property is not a “one size fits all” assignment. Surmounting that challenge requires a flexible partner; one capable of custom solutions.
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Available features include:

  • Architectural flexibility – custom design looks without the custom-built price tag.
  • Exclusive continuous exterior wall insulation for increased energy efficiency meeting energy and building codes of every state in the U.S.
  • BR (bullet resistant) construction to protect your people.
  • HVAC systems ensuring year-round comfort for your guards and staff to keep them performing at their best.
  • Portable booths for intermittent situations

A solid guard shack is greater than the sum of its parts. 
Let B.I.G. help you transform your security vision into reality.

A movable guard house could be a better solution.
See the long list of options here.



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GSA Contract, Schedule GS-07F-0169T

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