This versatile perimeter security station can go to work most anywhere. So handsome, yet still intimidating in character, the versatile B.I.G. guard booth can be used to support a well-appointed corporate headquarters, a transportation hub or a more industrial-looking facility.

This unit is ready for installation anywhere in the USA and will meet any state’s building code and energy codes.

Versatile beyond its application possibilities,  this booth’s features (some of which are listed below) provide a comfortable, energy-efficient, working environment conducive to an alert staff:

  •  Ductless, split-system HVAC

  •  Restroom

  •  Stainless steel shelving

  •  Lots of conduits and J-Boxes for cameras, security, data & communications.

This versatile perimeter security station is but one in B.I.G. Enterprises’ abundant collection of 319 beautifully designed, and meticulously engineered guard shelters.

to obtain a copy of our white paper:
12 Ways to Spec a Guard Booth

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