B.I.G. Announces 2010 Webinars on Perimeter Security

B.I.G. Announces 2010 Webinars on Perimeter Security

Under the auspices of Security Management Magazine and Government Security News, B.I.G. Enterprises will be presenting two webinars that deal with issues of Perimeter Security. An expert panel of six specialists will participate and be available to answer questions. June 9 is the first event.

From fences and gates to traffic control, and alarm systems to emergency planning, guard booths can play a pivotal role in your facility's overall Perimeter Security plan.


Product Spotlight

The Wedge

This booth was designed by an architectural firm in San Francisco to be site-built. When contractor bids came in it was way over budget, so the architect turned to B.I.G.We manufactured it under budget, and like all B.I.G. booths, it was delivered completely pre-fabricated, pre-wired and completely painted.


The Duke

The purpose of this guard booth is to give an advantage to one’s officers and security personnel. Inside a high security guard booth, armed responders need the ability to interdict—to respond to very high threat levels with a high probability of survival.

When identifying the survivability advantage within a security infrastructure, preparing a facility’s perimeter is key, not only in stopping an attack, but in deterring it as well.


Phoenix School Enchances Campus Security and Saves Money with Prefab Guard Booths

With security concerns on the rise at urban and rural schools, along with increasing budget constraints, some school administrators have turned to prefab ticket and guard booths to achieve campus security on a shoestring.

Mobile booths help them achieve a welcoming atmosphere that instills confidence in the student body and visitors, a secure facility for admissions receipts and concession sales, a safe and secure working environment for employees, as well as crime prevention through deterrence.


BIG Painting System Protect Guard Booth

The test results are in, B.I.G.'s new painting system crushes the competition.

Read about the grueling tests B.I.G. booths endured and how they performed...

GSA Contract Schedule

B.I.G.'S products are listed and available on the GSA Contract, Schedule GS-07F-0169T