Save 35% or More with Pre-Fab Over Onsite Build

Save 35% or More with Pre-Fab Over Onsite Build

How can B.I.G. make such a claim?

First and foremost our experience. We’ve been doing this for 50+ years. We understand the realities of on-site construction, especially the limitations:

  • When building onsite, your location could prove to be a bottle-neck; your construction might be getting in everyone else's way.
  • You can't depend on the weather
  • You can't guarantee access to power
  • There's no place to store materials out of the elements, nor to have surplus available in case of mistakes.
  • Plus, there are no level surfaces for cutting and assembling.

We understand the value of a controlled fabrication environment and the benefits our customers receive from the economies that efficiency within a prefab environment supports. In addition, for years, contractors have told us that on-site guard shacks will cost them more than a B.I.G. booth that appears to be custom-made

Precision – In B.I.G.’s factory, the environment is optimal for quality construction. Our equipment is there, the work surfaces are conducive for tight tolerances. The materials are close at hand fostering a smooth construction process. The correctly trained and experienced individuals are completing tasks that match their training.

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Vision – B.I.G. prides itself on realizing our customers’ vision—WE BUILD YOUR IMAGE. In our factory we’re capable of realizing the most adventurous designs. Planning, coupled with talented engineers and craftsman working in a precise, controlled environment, enables B.I.G. to construct award-winning manifestations of our customers’ ideas.

Along with the cost-savings from pre-fab, there are numerous innovations that you realize from B.I.G. only. Here are three: exclusive continuous exterior wall insulation, energy and building codes met in every state of the U.S. and bullet-resistant construction offers non-exposed armor plate—hidden in plain sight!

Plug & Play – Upon delivery, B.I.G. rapidly installs on properly prepared sites. This strategy reduces down time. It also reduces the amount of time important access/egress points are constricted.

How can B.I.G. make such a claim of 35% or more in savings?  

Because we’ve delivered award-winning realizations of our customers’ vision on time and on budget over and over again.

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