No matter the situation... We've got you covered

No matter the situation... We've got you covered

When a situation arises at the perimeter of an American military base the action frequently centers around a B.I.G. booth. For decades procurement officers from the D.O.D. to Homeland Security have chosen B.I.G. to design, build and install the guard booths protecting American government facility entry points.

Situations unfold quickly and threats evolve in real time. Security booth needs have grown over time and B.I.G. innovations continue to meet the ever-changing criteria: Meeting energy codes of every state in the union with their exclusive continuous exterior wall insulation.  Transforming BR (bullet resistant) construction by hiding the armor plate in plain sight.  These are just a couple of the ways B.I.G. booths provide effective, custom architectural solutions aiding positive outcomes regardless of the situation.

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