B.I.G. Security Professionals build innovation inside

B.I.G. Security Professionals build innovation inside

Security professionals cannot rest. The status quo just doesn’t cut it because bad guys are always looking for ways to breach the perimeter. Security professionals aren’t just concerned about the property they’re charged with protecting, but the safety of their people is of even greater concern.

Every day we hear stories of escalating violence. B.I.G. has a track record of staying ahead of the curve addressing issues of protection innovation, time and budget restraints.

  • B.I.G’s exclusive continuous exterior wall insulation, reduces HVAC costs
  • B.I.G. reduces installation time and expense by meeting energy and building codes of every state in the U.S.—few others can
  • B.I.G. has completely changed BR (bullet resistant) construction offering non-exposed armor plate—it’s hidden in plain sight! Safe and Beautiful
  • B.I.G. offers the most architectural flexibility. Your booth can look like it’s been custom built just for your environment—without the custom cost.

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We invite you to look inside for B.I.G. innovations!

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