Guard Booth for the Nuclear Power Plant Industry

Guard Booth for the Nuclear Power Plant Industry

B.I.G. Announces Installation of its 50th Survivability Guard Booth Exclusively for the Nuclear Power Plant Industry

Budgets are stretched, but keeping the bad guys Perimeter assessment is a key element in executing an effective security model for nuclear power facilities. Many facilities now use blast and ballistic resistant guard booths and guard stations at a facility’s perimeter, which must not only stop attacks but deter them. Guard booths frequently defend facilities that are critical to life, environment and the economy, so they must offer critical survival advantages against serious attacks. Read More...

Product Spotlight

Visitor Check-Point Station

Built as a guard station and visitor check point for one of the NASA flight centers, this B.I.G. guard shelter communicates a sense of openness and at the same time, it shields a state-of-the-art security nerve-center from the public view. More...

Vehicle Pay-Station

This security check-point and pay-station features a classic modular design. The round-end glazing promotes high visibility for personnel... More...

The test results are in, B.I.G.'s new painting system crushes the competition.

Read about the grueling tests B.I.G. booths endured and how they performed.

Questions to Ask Before You Spec a Guard Booth

Establishing the first line of defense between a facility and a threat on its perimeter, the guard station can also define the image of a facility. Here are twelve questions to ask before you specify a guard booth: Download here..

Five Pillars of Perimeter Security

Budgets are stretched, but keeping the bad guys PIn our webinar six perimeter-security experts shared insights on five ways to maximize perimeter security. Click here to learn more and to listen or request a transcript.

GSA Contract Schedule

B.I.G.'S products are listed and available on the GSA Contract, Schedule GS-07F-0169T