Securing Large Venues With Mobile Guard Booths

Securing Large Venues With Mobile Guard Booths

Using mobile booths in concentric circles, multiple layers of security can be created. Read Reliant Park's case study, which includes Reliant Astrodome, Reliant Arena, Reliant Center and Reliant Stadium...Read More

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Custom Control / Schultz Steel

A unique booth designed to emulate a massive press for titanium parts...

The Duke

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Dear Dave,

We plan on buying another Scale House booth for our transfer station.  Our current one has aluminum framed slide windows and aluminum doors with nylon rollers.  We constantly need to repair, and\or replace the slide windows and door rollers.  Can we get sturdier doors and windows on a new booth?

Dear Folding Windows,

We understand this problem, as the industry used to provide aluminum slide windows in its booths.  We realize that they are not adequate for commercial use, so we now make all of our own slide windows.  They are commercial steel framed with a heavy duty tracking system and stainless steel sill.  The doors are all steel framed, and hung by eight 2 1/4" diameter steel ball bearing rollers with lower stainless steel guide. These steel doors and windows can withstand high traffic usage.

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