New Control Cabins and Guard Booths Assist Operations at the Frontline

New Control Cabins and Guard Booths Assist Operations at the Frontline

Recycling Companies need up-to-date technology and operational efficiencies to maximize business potential in for-profit environments and skillfully utilize taxpayer dollars in government-managed organizations.

To that end, Recycling Facility Operators are reporting an increased trend in the use of scale houses and control cabins to assist with operations at the front line... Read complete article.

Demanding Security Guard Booth News City Center

The City Center

When designing the largest Hotel/Retail project in the history of Las Vegas, some of the world’s most renowned Architects and Engineers all agreed that B.I.G. was the only Booth Company that could meet their demanding Guard Booth standards.

High Security Stainless Steel Guard Booth

The Water Protector

Many customers that contact B.I.G. want Architectural Superiority, Materials for their Environment, and Bullet Resistant Construction.

This custom booth built for NYC's Department of Environmental Protection combines all of these requirements in a high-security stainless steel Guard Booth.

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B.I.G. Announces 2010 Webinars on Perimeter Security

Under the auspices of Security Management Magazine and Government Security News, B.I.G. Enterprises will be presenting two webinars that deal with issues of Perimeter Security.

From fences and gates to traffic control, and alarm systems to emergency planning, guard booths can play a pivotal role in your facility's overall Perimeter Security plan.

If you would like to receive notice of these two webinars, please Click Here.

BIG Painting System Protect Guard Booth

The test results are in, B.I.G.'s new painting system crushes the competition.

Read about the grueling tests B.I.G. booths endured and how they performed...

GSA Contract Schedule

B.I.G.'S products are listed and available on the GSA Contract, Schedule GS-07F-0169T