Distribution Center and Warehouse Protection

Distribution Center and Warehouse Protection

Experience is key. When you need a Perimeter Security partner experienced in protecting DCs and warehouses, look to B.I.G. Enterprises

Let’s work together to examine your facility’s perimeter, access and egress—who is going where and at what times? First, let’s talk about the work that is done inside and outside the booth—how will operations impact external access? Second, let’s talk about the threat level for the environment you are protecting. Thirdly, let’s talk about the aesthetics needed to enhance your campus or the look needed to send a specific message appropriate for your operation and location. Call and ask for Dave King. He’ll walk you through these important points so you come away with the most appropriate plan for your DC or warehouse. Click here to download our helpful white paper titled "Hardening the Perimeter: The role of the Guard Booth , security solutions and best practices within the Distribution Center industry."

Large, flat building with shipping trailers parked at loading docks

Various styles of B.I.G. Enterprise guard booths

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B.I.G. Innovative Steel Trak Yields Window Longevity

Your B.I.G. booth windows provide optimal perimeter security.