U.S. government recognizes B.I.G. design expertise

U.S. government recognizes B.I.G. design expertise

Making a tough decision on the sort of perimeter-security guard shacks to protect your facility?  Count on B.I.G.’s leadership in innovative prefab booth manufacturing to keep you out front of all others. Security leadership requires vigilant anticipation.

Our list of innovations—copied by many—includes these features that come standard on most all B.I.G. products

Federal, state, and local administrators turn to B.I.G. for secure perimeters

Americans look to our national, state and local governments to provide for our common defense. And in turn, for many of the nation’s public, top secret or military facilities, our national agencies, state and local governments have turned to B.I.G. to help secure perimeters and protect the men and women charged with security.

B.I.G. recognizes their guard booths must do more than protect the people who inhabit them. The booths must also visually communicate tough security and pride based in design excellence, the latest innovations and the inclusion of rugged building materials.

Check out the single-occupant Freedom Guard Booth at 1 World Trade Center where innovative design, impeccable construction and masterful security exemplify this perspective. CLICK TO READ MORE

The Control Center guard booth was custom designed to meet the stringent safety and security regulations of top-secret facilities while maintaining an architecturally welcoming aspect. CLICK TO READ MORE

Explore the Contemporary Guard Booth designed to meet NASA's stringent security requirements, and withstand the harsh, unpredictable weather conditions at NASA’s Wallops Island Flight Research Facility on Virginia’s Eastern Shore.


B.I.G. guard booths provide rock-solid protection while simultaneously making vibrant aesthetic statements.

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