Guard booths from B.I.G. can blend in or stand out

Guard booths from B.I.G. can blend in or stand out

When a guard shack is needed - whether perimeter security, recycling, landfill, access control, school security, distribution center security, datacenter security, parking, entertainment, military or government, B.I.G. Enterprises ( has a prefab booth solution that will blend with your architecture and enhance it OR stand out, attract attention OR intimidate.

All B.I.G. products are designed and manufactured to comply with all current codes including energy codes for every City in the US, and B.I.G. is a state-approved Modular Building Manufacturer so many units are Read More

Toll plaza for popular Florida theme-park parking facility featuring multiple beautiful B.I.G. guard booths

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Customized to Your Environs – Architectural Harmony

We customize every security booth design to meet your specific security and environmental needs.