Thoughts on Choosing Your
Data Center’s Security Booth

There are numerous advantages in choosing the right data center booth. To ensure the product meets your data center’s security requirements, it is important to purchase a booth from a reputable and trusted source. That way, you have confidence in the materials, workmanship, and overall performance of the booth.

Key Advantages
Some of the primary advantages of data center booths include the following:

Prefabrication – Although you can have something built onsite, an even better option is a prefabricated booth. In addition to being more cost-efficient, you can place the booth where ever needed, and prefab has tax advantages.

Structurally Sound – When purchasing from B.I.G. Enterprises, an industry leader, you know the booth is structurally sound. These booths have a heavy-duty welded steel construction, and meet every building code in the U.S.

Electrically Wired – The booth arrives at your data center, with all-electrical wiring ready to “plug and play”. This allows the assigned worker to take his or her post almost immediately. Being electrically wired, the booth accommodates all types of devices, including computers, lights, landline phones, and much more.

Customizable Size – Although B.I.G. booths typically range in size from 3 by 4 feet up to 12 by 35 feet, we can customize the booth to whatever size your data center needs.

Amenities and Features – You have a wide range of choices as far as amenities and features. For example, we can provide special flooring, window treatments, electrified door hardware, custom casework, and custom paint schemes to name a few. In fact, when choosing a B.I.G. product, your booth can be made to resist both bullets and blasts, thereby enhancing the protection of your personnel and your data center.

Protection – The biggest advantage is that booths protect your data center and employees. The booth sits at the exterior entrance of your datacenter site, becoming a checkpoint for foot, vehicle, and material traffic. Not only does it control what goes into and out of your facility, the booth helps deter criminal and terrorist activity.

Peace of Mind – As security threats increase, it is important to provide your workers with peace of mind. Your employees deserve to arrive at work knowing the facility is fully protected. With strategically placed data center booths, your employees will focus more on being productive than on concerns over safety.

To enjoy the many advantages of data center booths, it is imperative that you purchase from the right company. At B.I.G. Enterprises, we would love the opportunity to provide additional information and assist with your order.