Data Centers’ newest building trends include energy-efficiency and security improvements

This year, data centers are considering an even more sustainable digital world.

They are demanding high energy-efficiency standards with a long-term goal of using 100% clean and renewable energy.

Many data centers are including green rooftops with vegetation growing atop to keep buildings cool, reducing cooling costs and reducing storm-water runoff.

Vertiv’s 2022 data center trends notes that the industry is increasingly adopting sustainability and climate-conscious strategies: “The data center industry has taken steps toward more climate-friendly practices in recent years, but operators will join the climate effort more purposefully in 2022. On the operational front, Vertiv experts predict some organizations will embrace sustainable energy strategies that utilize a digital solution that matches energy use with 100% renewable energy and ultimately operates on 24/7 sustainable energy. Such hybrid distributed energy systems can provide both AC and DC power, which adds options to improve efficiencies and eventually allows data centers to operate carbon-free. Fuel cells, renewable assets, and long-duration energy storage systems, including battery energy storage systems (BESS) and lithium-ion batteries, all will play a vital role in providing sustainable, resilient, and reliable outcomes. Thermal systems that use zero water are in demand, and we will see refrigerants with high global warming potential (GWP) phased down in favor of low-GWP refrigerants.” 

Other trends in data center operations include:

  • Acceleration of artificial intelligence
  • Cushman & Wakefield states that some 2.9 GW worth of new data center construction is breaking ground this year.
  • Drive toward integration of racks and rows with power infrastructure.

B.I.G.’s data center security booths meet energy certifications in all 50 states including the toughest standards in the states of Washington and California.

It is time for cybersecurity and physical security managers to work together due to hybrid attacks that blur the lines between physical and cyber, in terms of outside plant protection

  • underground perimeter
  • manhole sensors, 
  • perimeter fence protection
  • automotive access gates, etc. and inside plant protection (cage sensors, cage doors, rack door sensors, floor monitoring, etc.).

and inside plant protection (cage sensors, cage doors, rack door sensors, floor monitoring, etc.).

Talk to B.I.G. Enterprises ( about physical perimeter security booths that are more sustainable with American steel construction, capable of lasting for decades and energy efficient in terms of its commitment to continuous insulation and wiring.