Custom Cashier Booth

Airport Cashier Booth

Cashier booths are critical components to businesses in many settings, from parking lots and ramps to public parks and marinas, from airports to car washes and toll booths to tourist attractions. Large amounts of money flow through cashier booths every day, and sub-standard booths won't protect your employees from potential risks. Booths must meet high standards of safety, security, and functionality. B.I.G. Enterprises is a leading manufacturer of prefab cashier booths, providing a comfortable and functional space to manage your facility’s transactions. 

Points to Consider Before Making A Decision

Before deciding on a booth design, you need to consider the operation or tasks executed inside the cashier booth. Depending on the nature of your business, the processes and duties your employees must perform will affect the external layout of the booth and access points. Do you need a booth built for drive-up traffic, walk-ups, or deliveries? Or does your work environment require a portable booth? By developing a clear picture of the daily functions performed ahead of time, you can help our design team create the perfect booth to suit your business or organization’s unique specifications. 

Once the specifics are in place, our prefab booth designers and architects can work with you to determine door locations, eave overhang size, and slide window locations. Properly designed booths enhance employee productivity and increase speed. An efficient and well-maintained workflow means a better return on investment and satisfied customers.

Provide Comfort & Functionality For Your Employees

A cashier booth shouldn’t just perform well. It should create a positive work environment that maximizes productivity while providing comfort to your employees. The average attendant spends eight hours or more in a booth while on duty. An uncomfortable or unwieldy portable booth design makes it difficult to focus on the job and leads to unhappy workers. If forced to work in uncomfortable environments, employees will be much less productive. 

This affects your bottom line, causes customer-related issues, and slows down traffic flow to and from the booth. At B.I.G. Enterprises, we take these concerns seriously. Our cashier and prefab booth designs are ergonomically friendly, appropriate for your climate and environmental conditions, and have layouts conducive to productivity. All B.I.G. custom cashier booths are compliant with current ADA requirements.

Why B.I.G. Cashier Booths Are The Best Solution

There’s a reason B.I.G. Enterprises is considered the “industry standard” in booth construction: We pay attention to every detail and never sacrifice quality or cut corners on construction. Cashier booths from B.I.G. Enterprises typically feature HVAC, wall-mounted heat pumps, split system aesthetic treatments, roof mounts, high output heaters, combination systems, baseboard heaters, ventilators, manual or powered louvers, thermostat controls, exhaust vents, and ceiling vent fans. 

Our cabinets and drawers are made from stainless steel or wood, customized to specifications. B.I.G. also specializes in currency transfer, floor safes, wall-mounted safes, drop safes, and Class B safes—we build whatever suits your cash security needs. Restroom facilities with self-contained systems or commercial wall mount systems that meet handicap requirements are available. Impress site visitors with custom finishes like brick, stucco, architectural exterior stone panels, and stainless steel. For added security, we offer bullet-resistant guard booth options.

Call us today and see why B.I.G Enterprises’ is the top name in portable cashier booths, equipment enclosures, and pre-fab guard booth products.