B.I.G. Enterprises Wins Award for Border Security Inspection Booths

Los Angeles March 2013: B.I.G. Enterprises has been named Platinum Award Winner (first place) in a 2013 Border Security Awards Program sponsored by Government Security News magazine. The winning product was B.I.G.’s Bi-Level, pre-fabricated, extreme-weather bullet resistant Inspection Booth that was specially designed for use by Customs and Border Protection (CBP), Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE), the FBI and other Federal, State and local law enforcement agencies responsible for protecting U.S. borders.

The Award comes at a time when the nation’s borders continue to be plagued with smuggling of drugs, explosives, weapons and other contraband. “Another half ton of drugs found hidden in Arizona pick-up” read the headline of a recent article, which carried Border Patrol photos of hundreds of brown marijuana bricks stuffed under the front and rear floorboards and console of a Ford Pick-up truck. According to the article, this interdiction took place only two weeks after U.S. Border agents found half a ton of marijuana packed into concealed compartments in another pickup at the U.S./Mexico border in Texas.

A related article appearing several days earlier reported that three Philippine men had been convicted of importing military grade weapons, body armor and explosives. According to an FBI source, the weapons they tried to import included a rocket propelled grenade launcher, a mortar launcher, an M-203 single-shot grenade launcher and 12 Bushmaster machine guns, as well as explosives.”

Compounding the ongoing challenges faced by border security agents, an Internal Immigration and Customs Enforcement memo obtained by Chairman Bob Goodlatte of the House Judiciary Committee disclosed on March 5 that ICE had developed plans to release 5,000 detained criminal aliens to reduce the agency’s costs under forced budget cuts. This article further reported that 2,000 criminal aliens may have already been released so far, ahead of the “sequestration” budget cuts.

In light of these disturbing news reports, it is clear that border security is a dangerous environment to work in, and a very demanding market for vendors that produce protective gear, equipment, vehicles and inspection booths. According to Dave King, Vice President of B.I.G Enterprises, the company’s Bi-Level, prefabricated, extreme-weather booths were designed by the company with input from the U.S. Army Corp of Engineers, Jacob Engineering and Parsons Engineering to support Federal Government border security mandates.

King pointed out that the Bi-Level Inspection Booths represent a first in border security in that they facilitate ground-level, visual inspection of vehicles and also provide personnel with access to upper portions of commercial trucks and containers via a stairway leading to an elevated section all in one booth, and the entire booth is bullet resistant.

The topic of weather is very important in border security, because weather conditions can vary from the scorching hot conditions of the Nogales, AZ border with Nogales, Mexico to the freezing cold and wind-blown conditions on the Grand Forks, North Dakota border with Manitoba, Canada. The need for agents to function effectively in these extreme climatic conditions must clearly be assured with fabrication from the best materials, and correctly sized HVAC systems. 

According to Dave King, B.I.G,’s Inspection Booths are not only fully fabricated and ready to install, but also offer a high level of ballistics resistance, high-output roof-mounted HVAC system and back-up heat and heated floor mats for severe winter weather. The booths also include an extensive electrical infrastructure by which conduits, junction boxes and other components support a flexible array of alarm, camera and communications equipment, “with pre-wiring that makes installation a snap”.

Other owners of the B.I.G Enterprises inspection and guard booths include all branches of the military, Chicago O’Hare Airport, Los Angeles Airport, Newark-JFK Airport and many more of the nation’s airports, seaports and tolls roads. Its booths are also installed in many colleges and universities, as well as casinos, nuclear facilities and oil refineries. 

The family-owned company was founded in 1963 and has been delivering high-quality protection-coated steel booths for 45 years. The platinum medal announced in the 2013 Border Security Awards Program is the second major Winner’s medal that the company has received in Homeland Security awards programs in the last three years.

About B.I.G. Enterprises:
Since 1963, B.I.G. Enterprises, Inc. of California has engineered and manufactured a comprehensive line of high quality, high-end, prefabricated security and revenue control booths. Their state-of-the-art selection of pre-assembled buildings includes guardhouses, cashier booths, portable shelters, and a variety of custom-made kiosks.

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