GSN – Special 9/11 Tenth Anniversary Memorial Issue

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Government Security News – Special 9/11 Tenth Anniversary Memorial Issue

Improvements in Guard Booths since 9/11 by Dave King

Los Angeles, CA Sept 2011: What has the country done in the decade since 9/11 to strengthen its homeland defense and security, and better protect our people, property and “Way of life”?

This is a great question that can and will create a lot of debate – but in my opinion, we’ve done a fantastic job so far. Homeland security is an enduring concept in both peace and war. The global war on terrorism is a long war and it may take 25 to 30 years because of the nature of the threat.

Our company has seen a tremendous rise in the level of ballistic resistance specified for perimeter security guards booths that we manufacture. Prior to 9/11, there were a few guard booths manufactured to resist threats from super power hand guns. Now many of these same booths are built to resist threats from 7.62 NATO, all the way up to .50 Caliber Armor Piercing weapons.

Additionally, these BR Guard Booths are now equipped with gun ports to allow the responder a more secure way to react to the threat, and more advanced electronics to allow the guard to see the perimeter of the facility using cameras and monitors.

What is most pleasing about many of the guard booths we currently manufacture is the Government is asking the designers of these guard booths to make them more architecturally in alignment with the surroundings.

Guard booths not only have been made more secure, but they are being made to architecturally complement the facility, making them more to our “Way of Life”.

David King is Vice President of B.I.G. Enterprises™ (, a California corporation that has been manufacturing a comprehensive line of security and revenue control booths since 1963. Mr. King has 29 years of experience in the perimeter security industry and is a sought after consultant for government mandated post- 9/11 security upgrades. He works extensively with architects, contractors, government officials, ballistics engineers, and suppliers charged with protecting key infrastructures.

His clients include all divisions of the U.S. military, the Nuclear Regulatory Commission, the New York Stock Exchange, and hundreds of universities, transportation, chemical, petroleum, agricultural, manufacturing, and corporate facilities.