B.I.G. Enterprises Submits Itself to Customer Scrutiny

Enforcer security guard booth

South El Monte, CA – For a majority of companies in these time-crunched days, the ‘follow-up call’ to determine a customer’s satisfaction with a product and/or service has become a rarity. This unfortunate fact of business life has led many companies to the mistaken belief that ‘no news must be good news’ when customers don’t call in to complain. But is it really?

Booth manufacturer, B.I.G. Enterprises (www.bigbooth.com), recently submitted itself to customer scrutiny when it retained an independent third-party strategic marketing firm, Richmond, Virginia-based Beckett Advisors, to understand their satisfaction with, and perceptions of, B.I.G.’s products and services.

Interviews with a wide variety of customers from a five-year period indicated 90% placed B.I.G. in high categories of product satisfaction. In the words of a manager at a leading car rental company, “We do a lot of research on a lot of vendors. Their designs are not ‘off the shelf’ but redesigned especially for us.”

To gain insight on how to better serve customers, the survey drilled down further to determine if B.I.G.’s service proposition was in line with what customers wanted and 84% of those interviewed placed B.I.G. in high categories of service satisfaction.

Dave King, Vice President, shares, “We had a good feeling about what customers want from our products and services but we really wanted to make sure an independent party asked the right questions, listened intently and identified exactly what our customers have to say.”

To put the Customer Survey rankings in perspective and share how they’ll guide customer relationships with B.I.G. Enterprises going forward, Mr. King explains, “We’re grateful for the feedback customers have shared with us. Our team is looking forward to continuously improving how we communicate with, and serve, the B.I.G. customer. We sincerely appreciate the candor and constructive advice that was offered.”