School’s Students And Faculty Are More Secure

As B.I.G. Enterprises’ newest enclosure enhances the beauty and effectiveness of St. Mary’s perimeter security

B.I.G. Enterprises’ prefabricated Security Guard Booths are manufactured for the ever-growing security demands of our nation’s educational institutions. 

Los Angeles, CA – B.I.G. Enterprises, Inc. ( prefabricated Security Guard Booths are manufactured for the ever-growing Security demand at our Educational Institutions—this one for a private school named St Mary’s.   The National Center for Education Statistics most recently available data reported 28 homicides in United States’ schools from July 1, 2014 through June 30, 2015.

Access control is a fundamental element of Security and B.I.G.’s prefabricated Security Guard Booths provide a secure location for your security guards and have proven to be a visual deterrent for would be attackers.  For more than 50 years B.I.G.’s line of products has been the industry “gold standard” and almost every bullet proof booth, revenue control booth, portable guard house, portable guard booth or attendant booth design that you see today was first introduced into the prefabricated market by B.I.G. Enterprises, Inc™.

This featured unit recently manufactured for a K-8th grade private school complements the architecture of the campus and is positioned at the entry to the campus offering a valuable Security presence.  These prefab units are made to all state codes including the latest energy code and ship complete as a one-piece unit ready for easy installation.

Booths include all galvanized steel construction, structurally designed roofing system for longevity with a coating that offers a solar reflective index of 95 or greater.

B.I.G.’s exclusive commercial steel framed and top hung transaction windows are backed by a 30-year warranty on the roller track system. The dual pane insulating glass throughout is tinted and has a Low-E coating.

These booths feature interior and exterior LED lights, interior and exterior type 340 stainless steel shelves with # 4 finish, energy star rated HVAC, convenience outlets and data & communication J-Boxes, galvanized steel plate floor covered with B.I.G.’s exclusive polyvinyl chloride interlocking tiles and 4” tall base cove, and  to finish it off, a high solids polyurethane paint finish over a two-part polyurethane primer.  The unit also has architectural galvanized steel panels that create horizontal & vertical reveals.

B.I.G. Enterprises manufacturers the highest quality standard or architectural buildings to meet the demand “On Time & On Budget”.  For further information, call Dave King, 800-669-1449 or email

About B.I.G. Enterprises:

For over 50 years, engineers and decision-makers from hundreds of transportation, chemical, agricultural, manufacturing, university, and corporate facilities have trusted B.I.G. Enterprises to produce exceptional products and designs to meet the exacting requirements of today’s corporate and industrial security environment.

Utilizing a proprietary “Critical Span” manufacturing technique that increases convenience and strength in prefabricated structures, the B.I.G. team has booths protecting our nation’s capital, nuclear power plants, international airports, colleges, universities, military bases, amusement parks and corporate offices.