Newest Prefab Building Technologies Skimp on Cost of Guard Shelters

Prefab Guard Shelter Booth

Recent advances in technology have resulted in a new prefab guard booth that delivers high security and a welcoming profile without straining the budget. The portable booth can help save money without sacrificing security, from government buildings to high school campuses.

Los Angeles, CA. – The all new “Georgetown” guard booth or shelter reflects B.I.G. Enterprises’ ( response to custom designed solutions for savings-conscious budgets that need to provide high security. As the first point of contact for visitors, “The Georgetown” is designed to enhance its surroundings while providing a high level of security that’s welcoming but not intimidating.

DWL Architectural Firm in Arizona has been recommending prefab structures to its clients for over 10 years. Most recently they recommended three to Arizona’s Alhambra High School in the final days of a multi-million dollar project when money was running out for traditional construction and the principal wanted to squeeze a state-of-the-art security booth for the main entrance, a ticket kiosk and a sky box for the athletic center with what little he had left. B.I.G.’s newest prefab technology allowed them to do it.

Alhambra High’s Principal Hoeffel summed it up: There’s pretty much only two ways to build out here: ‘stick and stucco’ or ‘brick and block.’ When you can’t afford either of those but still need a safe structure without sacrificing quality, looks and utility, prefab steel is the way to go. It met all our needs in a fraction of the time and toll that traditional construction would have taken.”

First impressions are important; so whether facilities want to welcome guests, sell tickets, or intimidate and deter criminals while allowing access to personnel and vendors, a booth is the place to start.

Prefab security booths save at tax time. Aside from the usual 25% cost savings of prefab over traditional construction, there can be significant tax advantages to mobile booths. Because B.I.G. booths can be completely relocated – moved in one piece, they are classified as “tangible property” of a company. As a result, the purchase price can be depreciated over seven years. Conventional construction, on the other hand, becomes a permanent addition to the building and is classified as “real property” with a 39-year depreciable life. This difference in depreciation significantly reduces the total project cost and considerably improves the bottom line.

One former Marine with the rank of Sergeant of the Guard offered the following thoughts on B.I.G.’s newest prefab guard booth: “You could look at the Georgetown prefab booth as a huge overall savings on your security budget. Because of its overall utility, it’s the difference between having to pay one person or an entire force.”