New ‘Officers Station’ Elegant Security Solution for Airport Police


New ‘Officers Station’ Elegant Security Solution for Airport Police

B.I.G. Enterprises’ streamlined guard station design blends with airport architecture

Los Angeles, CA – With over 23,000 commercial flights per day in the world, the growing number of travelers at airports, demands more security. To meet this need and improve airport safety for the vulnerable law enforcement personnel, B.I.G. Enterprises, Inc. ( has just introduced the new Officers Station booth, designed specifically for the security of police officers at major Airports.

The prefabricated unit’s design was developed after months of planning and consulting with architects,
law enforcement and the general contractor. At ap­proximately 300 square feet and featuring elements such as 1” tinted insulated type glazing with Low-E coating and custom roll down perforated shades, the Officers Station meets state codes, energy compliance, and has state approval and insignia for the location in which it is installed.

Not only is this a secure location for police officers, it is architecturally designed to blend into an airport’s existing environs.  The exterior’s large sloping overhang fascia, and galvanized steel door, top hung by rigid steel ball bearing rollers and lower stainless steel guide is lit with LED lights inside and out.  For added security, the stainless steel pull handle was welded to the frame and a mortise lock recessed into the frame with IC core.

To maintain the warm and cool temperatures for airport police, a three-ton Bard wall mounted HVAC was added with complete attic installed ducting, as well as exterior infrared heaters that were recessed in the overhand soffit above the door.

The interior highlights include a galvanized steel floor finished with industrial rubber tile flooring, an acoustic tile drop ceiling with a galvanized steel formed grid that was welded in place, a fully equipped restroom, and a large working area. Extensive electrical work was done including conduits and boxes for security, data & communications wiring.  The steel-framed shelves with MDF board are top-covered with laminate and trimmed with stainless steel.

A high solids polyurethane over two-part primer are finishing details that make B.I.G. Enterprises booths withstand hostile weather environments everywhere.

“Protecting airport police who protect the traveling public at today’s modern airports is an imperative to today’s facility security plans, said B.I.G.’s vice president Dave King, “and we’re pleased to help protect numerous airports including Chicago O’Hare, Logan International, LAX, Newark, JFK, San Francisco and many others.”

About B.I.G. Enterprises:

For over 45 years, engineers and decision-makers from hundreds of transportation, chemical, agricultural, manufacturing, university, and corporate facilities have trusted B.I.G. Enterprises to produce exceptional products and designs to meet the exacting requirements of today’s corporate and industrial security environment. Utilizing a proprietary “Critical Span” manufacturing technique that increases convenience and strength in prefabricated structures, the B.I.G. team has booths protecting our nation’s capital, nuclear power plants, international airports, colleges, universities, military bases, amusement parks and corporate offices.