New Bi-Level, Extreme Weather Security Booths Redefine Border Security

Extreme Innovation: New Bi-level, Extreme Weather Security Booths Redefine Border Security

B.I.G. Enterprises, Inc. announces fabrication of a new fully-assembled bi-level inspection booth to support Federal Government mandates for securing borders between the U.S. and Canada.

Los Angeles, CA – December 19, 2011 – Working with experts in the security field, including the U.S. Army Corp of Engineers, Jacob Engineering, and Parsons Engineering, B.I.G. Enterprises, Inc. ( recently manufactured and delivered a series of bi-level, extreme weather booths to U.S. Canadian border check points. Prior to this recent delivery, similar booths have been delivered to the U.S. Mexican border.

This booth is situated inside a large enclosure where trucks and other vehicles can be inspected thoroughly despite grueling weather. The bi-level booth is unique: it facilitates ground level, visual inspection of vehicles, and gives guards access to upper portions of commercial trucks and containers via an interior stairway leading to an elevated section. Thus, security personnel have a truly a ‘top-down’ perspective – a distinct advantage.

When it comes to border security, guard booths and vehicle inspection strategies are a first line of defense. Security personnel, including agents from DHS and CBP, need facilities that allow them to function effectively in harsh climatic conditions, while giving them a physical advantage over potential threats. These security structures and control centers must be fabricated from the best materials, and incorporate correctly-sized HVAC systems for adequate climate management. These booths must be configuration-friendly as they must house monitors, duress buttons, communication and surveillance equipment.

The B.I.G. bi-level units are fully-fabricated and ready to install, they have a high level of ballistics resistance, high-output roof-mounted HVAC systems, backup heat, and heated floor mats for severe winter weather. They also contain an extensive electrical infrastructure. The conduits, junction boxes, and other components support a flexible array of alarm, camera and communication equipment. Pre-wiring makes installation a snap. Punishing environmental conditions are no match for these innovative, bi-level booths.

B.I.G. Enterprises is pleased to add the bi-level, extreme weather booth to its fabrication arsenal. B.I.G. guard shelters meet the exacting demands of regulatory agencies, security directors, and facilities managers.

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