New B.I.G. Airport Cashier Booth for Parking Lots with High Volumes

December 2000

B.I.G. Announces New Airport Cashier Booth for Airport Parking Lots with High Volumes- Pre-fabricated structure features sturdy sliding window to withstand thousands of parking transactions.

El Monte, California- B.I.G. Enterprises, Inc™., a leading manufacturer of prefabricated security and revenue-control structures for over 30 years, announces the immediate availability of their Model #DC5680A, Airport Cashier Booth.

B.I.G.'s modern design department has harnessed the latest CAD tools to create a uniquely rugged cashier booth that serves the parking control needs of airports where high parking volumes require numerous transactions between vehicle and cashier. B.I.G.'s exclusive steel framed peak-period slide window provides both a full opening Ð for instances where a long reach to a vehicle is required Ð along with a smaller internal steel framed slide window for inclement weather situations.

"I designed an integrated box that houses some of our ticket and credit card processing equipment for parking transactions," said John Dolansky, Project Manager for CTR Systems, one of the top parking-revenue solutions integrators in the country. "The engineers at B.I.G. Enterprises, Inc™ designed a booth to accommodate this equipment, as well as the display that the customer sees. I look forward to installing this new booth at Richmond International Airport, one of my current projects."

The B.I.G. Enterprises, Inc™ Cashier Attendant Booth can be custom designed to serve the demanding needs of any major airport. Top hung in an industrial-grade steel track with eight heavy-duty rollers and a stainless steel bottom track, the transaction window is capable of withstanding tens of thousands of hours of non-stop use.

"Before we created this booth we evaluated the high traffic parking lots at O'Hare, DFW, and LAX," said Dave King, Sales Manager at B.I.G. Enterprises, Inc™. "We learned that during peak usage a parking transaction window needed to be opened up to 360 times per hour. Aluminum couldn't begin to handle the stress, so we utilized steel to case our windows."

B.I.G. parking booths can be delivered to any site as fully approved, pre-fabricated structures that, once mounted on a cement pad and connected to available utilities, are almost immediately ready for occupancy. Factory installed electrical and mechanical systems, commercial-grade metal swing doors, industrial-grade floor tile, completely insulated galvanized steel construction, built-in cabinets and shelves, and insulated glass attest to the completeness and structural integrity of the booths. The B.I.G. Airport Cashier Booth's galvanized steel construction meets or exceeds ASTM B500 specifications, and all welds meet or exceed AWS-D1.3 and A5.18 standards.

All booths are U.L. approved and manufactured in strict compliance to NEC and UBC specifications while meeting the local building code standards of every major area in the United States and internationally. Total access for all cashiers is guaranteed by complying with A.D.A. guidelines, and cashier safety is enhanced with in-floor safes.

For a free catalog of B.I.G.'s selection of 300 different booth models and their wide range of options, or to inquire how B.I.G. can custom design a booth to fit your specific application, contact B.I.G. Enterprises, Inc. at 9702 E. Rush Street, South El Monte, CA 91733-1730; 800.669.1449; fax 626.448.3598. For more information about CTR Systems, call 800-468-2794 or visit

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