Extreme Perimeter Protection

The 22-Ton ‘Xtreme Facility Protector’ Booth has it all

Selecting a guard booth to enhance perimeter security is a serious commitment. B.I.G.’s newest blast, and bullet-resistant prefabricated model boasts superior fit and finish, and the utmost in protection.

Los Angeles, CA – The Xtreme Facility Protector booth model from B.I.G. Enterprises, Inc. (www.bigbooth.com) is 45,000 pounds of extreme protection, with loads of interior and exterior customization potential.

At 120 square feet, The Xtreme Facility Protector is built to MIL-A-12560H, UFC 3-340-01, and UFC 3-340-02 specifications.  This booth is the top defender made today. The booth delivers the highest level of ballistic and blast-resistance available in the industry, allowing security personnel to remain effective in the midst of the most extreme emergency situation.

In addition, when properly installed, the unit is capable of withstanding a direct hit from an F5 tornado. While this level of protection may seem extreme for some applications, it serves as an example of B.I.G.’s commitment to building guard booths that can meet any challenge. Sensitive installations of all descriptions, including data storage centers, nuclear installations, and military complexes can benefit from The Xtreme Facility Protector’s defensive capabilities.

It’s no wonder myriad government, energy, and business entities look to B.I.G. to enhance their perimeter protection strategies. Many are being proactive because guard booths are a first line of defense. Security personnel need facilities that allow them to function effectively while under duress, giving them a physical advantage over potential threats. These security structures must be configuration-friendly, fabricated from the best materials, and constructed to adapt to a wide-variety of climatic conditions and site applications.

The Xtreme Facility Protector booths are designed to incorporate a variety of security choices and creature comforts. Options include: sliding gun ports with quick-release locks, ballistic window visors, and can accommodate the extensive electrical infrastructure needed to support security, communications, and surveillance equipment.

Pre-wiring makes installation a snap. Personnel benefit from ergonomically correct fixtures and fittings, a ductless, split-system HVAC, full insulation package, and energy-saving LED lighting.

Unique to B.I.G. booths is the prep and painting system, which is completed prior to shipping. Since the booth must function in a variety of harsh climatic conditions, The Xtreme Facility Protector is acid-etched via a high-pressure wash technique, primed with a two-part epoxy, and finished off with a high-solids polyurethane paint that is impact, fade, and chemical resistant.

The units are site-ready, and delivered in one piece, lifted into place by crane. The booths are essentially ‘plug and play’ and no detail has been spared to ensure a no-hitches installation experience. This approach can add up to significant savings for customers while providing the highest levels of perimeter-hardening security.

“Many companies make ‘booths’, but when developers, architects, and contractors require fully-detailed, superior booths with bullet-proof design and construction, they turn to B.I.G. Enterprises. If you need a 45,000—or a 5,000 pound booth—or anything in between, we will deliver your unit on-time, and within budget.”

– Vice President David King


About B.I.G. Enterprises:

For over 50 years, engineers and decision-makers from hundreds of transportation, chemical, agricultural, manufacturing, university, and corporate facilities have trusted B.I.G. Enterprises to produce exceptional products and designs to meet the exacting requirements of today’s corporate and industrial security environment. For more information, visit: www.bigbooth.com.