“Data Sentinel” Guard Booths Safeguard Telecom & Internet Data Centers

Guard booth safeguard telecom

No Breach Zones: New B.I.G. ‘Data Sentinel’ guard booths help safeguard critical telecommunications and Internet data centers

Custom security booth installations help protect our nation’s ever-growing network of data centers. B.I.G.’s custom designed and prefabricated models boast superior materials, and can accommodate blast and bullet-resistant requirements.

Los Angeles, CA – B.I.G. Enterprises, Inc. – Responding to exponential growth in the construction of data centers by high-profile information, web commerce, and tech companies like Dell, Hewlett-Packard, Verizon Terremark, and Google, B.I.G. Enterprises, Inc.(www.bigbooth.com) has designed specialized, hard-wearing, prefabricated guard booths to help secure vital data centers at major IT project sites around the nation. The new model called ‘The Data Sentinel’ is all business. The sleek, no nonsense exterior design is deliberately imposing, answering industry needs for site anonymity when required. This cost-effective, high-security booth is perfectly suited to meet stringent, site-specific agency requirements for use in sensitive areas. Security experts recommend limiting entry points – controlling building access by establishing one primary entrance. Thus, the ‘Data Sentinel’ is designed to thwart breeches and play an integral role in a variety of perimeter-hardening strategies.

Guard booths are a first line of defense for commercial and military data centers, co-locations, and sensitive commercial sites. Security personnel need facilities that allow them to function effectively in varying climatic conditions, while giving them a physical advantage over potential threats. The ‘Data Sentinel’ is the newest example of data center guard booths in a range crafted by B.I.G. These custom designs have ADA accessible restroom areas, architectural finishes, and energy compliant construction to meet strict building department codes.

The booth is fabricated from the best materials, incorporates correctly-sized HVAC systems for energy efficient climate management, and is configuration-friendly to accommodate monitors, motion detectors, duress buttons, weapons storage areas, and communication and surveillance equipment. B.I.G.’s Blast and Bullet Resistant booth materials have been tested by the National Institute of Justice (NIJ), H.P. White and/or the Underwriters Laboratory (UL). The ready-to-use booths can be built from Level 1 up to NIJ-IV and 50 calibers Armor piercing. B.I.G. also offers a Blast Resistant certification, a first in the industry. Special features such as continuous stainless steel hinges on blast resistant doors enable them to support the armored weight and ensure easy handling without failure.

“The current wave of data center construction necessitates a wide-range of cost-effective and innovative security booths.  We are pleased to add the ‘Data Sentinel’ to our arsenal of tough, prefabricated, site-ready designs. Our guard shelters meet the exacting demands of regulatory agencies, security directors, and facilities managers.” said Vice President David King.

About B.I.G. Enterprises:

For over 45 years, engineers and decision-makers from hundreds of transportation, chemical, agricultural, manufacturing, university, and corporate facilities have trusted B.I.G. Enterprises to produce exceptional products and designs to meet the exacting requirements of today’s corporate and industrial security environment.

Utilizing a proprietary “Critical Span” manufacturing technique that increases convenience and strength in prefabricated structures, the B.I.G. team has booths protecting our nation’s capital, nuclear power plants, international airports, colleges, universities, military bases, amusement parks and corporate offices.