“Campus Protector” Guard Booths Distinguished as Leaders in Security

Parking Guard Booth

Designing a booth that protects staff and complements the university environment requires ingenuity and skillful construction. B.I.G.’s newest prefabricated model features efficient style, fit, finish and the best features in campus protection.

Los Angeles, CA – In an era of increased assaults and crime on college campuses, The Campus Protector Booth, the newest model from B.I.G. Enterprises, Inc. (www.bigbooth.com)  offers unrivaled security features as well as style and functionality.

California State University – Northridge, located in Southern California, required two different styles of prefabricated solutions, one for information and parking, another for ticket sales. Not wanting to compromise style, the University turned to B.I.G. Enterprises to design two booths that would blend with the surrounding architecture while providing a protective working environment for its staff.

With 23 shootings on college campuses in 2015 alone, escalating incidences of crimes, assaults and mass shootings at colleges and universities across the country, B.I.G. Enterprises is delivering powerful and practical solutions to respond to the increased urgency for campus security. Its innovative and customized booths support the guards’ work of protecting the university from assaults, robberies and unwanted intrusions, helping to ensure that the campus is a safe, secure place to study, teach, work, reside and visit.  B.I.G. supplies optimal safety solutions while addressing the school’s specific needs for security, functionality and modernization.

The ADA-compliant (Americans Disabilities Act) Campus Protector Booth features a standing seam-style roof with baked-on Kynar 500 finish and perimeter gutter system. The booth has factory-applied brick preparation consisting of a 16ga. painted-steel sill cap with mitered corners and welded-on brick ties. This preparation assisted the onsite installation of brick and allowed Cal State to match the brick from the surrounding areas.
Pre-wiring makes installation easy. Options include data/telephone connections, energy efficient lighting, interior shelving, and air conditioning. The units have fully insulated wall and roof, dual pane insulating glass, all within energy code requirements, and a galvanized steel floor covered with 1/4” thick textile composite tiles.  All B.I.G. booths are delivered to the site ready to plug in.

The TICKET SALES unit shown is a custom-built prefabricated ticket office used at Cal State Northridge’s competitive soccer field.  With a surging attendance of up to 2000 fans per game and an average of eighteen home games per season, this sports environment is enhanced by the state-of-the-art ticket sales-window design. Manufactured by B.I.G., the windows are commercial steel framed, top hung by heavy duty rigid ball bearing rollers, with a lower stainless steel guide and transaction sill, and mortise lock recessed in the frame. This unit also features interior and exterior type 304 stainless steel shelves with a brushed #4 finish.

To insure safety, the unit is equipped with exterior-recessed down lights in the overhang soffit to provide ample lighting at night.

The second unit shares many features with the Ticket Sales booth and serves as an Information and Parking booth.  With a single door on each side, the attendant can perform tasks efficiently.

As young adults and their parents are now listing safety as one of the highest priorities in choosing a college, guard booths are at the center of a campus’ security strategy.  B.I.G. Enterprises continues to provide advanced and original solutions for safety in an ever-changing world.

“Many companies make ‘guard shacks’, but when architects, and contractors require superior guard booths, bullet-proof design and impressive construction, they call B.I.G. Enterprises. Whether it’s a guard station or ticket booth – or anything in between, we will deliver your unit on-time and within budget.”
– Vice President David King

About B.I.G. Enterprises:
For over 50 years, engineers and decision-makers from hundreds of transportation, chemical, agricultural, manufacturing, university, and corporate facilities have trusted B.I.G. Enterprises to produce exceptional products and designs to meet the exacting requirements of today’s corporate and industrial security environment. For more information, visit: www.bigbooth.com.