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B.I.G. Enterprises is one of the most trusted manufacturers of security guard booths in the world. Our guard booths have been implemented in locations around the globe for a variety of applications, from government facilities and nuclear power plants to parking garages and college campuses.

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Since 1963, we’ve been building our reputation as the “gold standard” for prefabricated, custom-built security guard booths and through that experience, we’ve gained a wealth of knowledge that we’re pleased to share with our customers.

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Museums should not underestimate the role that security plays in creating an outstanding experience for their guests. Just as with an efficient entrance procedure at...
In a world where leaving our very homes can pose a risk to our safety, people find themselves increasingly on guard when in a public setting. Event planners and managers are faced with the need
My Architect specified your Ocean Park style Guard Booth, when the job was completed, I was surprised to see a booth from another manufacturer...
Concert venues and movie theaters will always be popular locations for the general public. As a result, these areas are at risk for terrorist attacks because of the large number of people at events in these locations.
I’m looking to purchase a replacement booth for my facility...
It’s been almost a year since the world turned horrified eyes to Las Vegas where a country music festival had become the scene of the deadliest mass shooting in recent U.S. history. There were 58 fatalities, hundreds of injuries
Today’s campuses are a mix of the young and the old, the new and the established, and the very modern and very traditional. The buildings covered in thick ivy-leafed and the gentle sloping and meandering walkways tend to...
I want my booth to either have a real stucco or brick façade on it. Can you provide that, or prep for it? Our last booth came with plywood panels and the stucco never looked right on the sides...
Imagine working as a security guard in a guard shack or parking booth. Night after night, you’re watching multiple screens...
There is a part of the Department of Defense (DoD) that we rarely think about but is a vital part of national security: infrastructure. It’s not glamorous...


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