Using Control Booths in the Recycling Industry

Typically, control booths are designed as a type of checkpoint for foot, vehicle, and material traffic going into and out of facilities. This type of booth provides the attendant with a clear vantage point and more control. Often, these booths are used by government agencies, manufacturing plants, chemical production facilities, and so on. However, on occasion, a special request is made for a nontraditional industry.

A perfect example is that some recycling companies are now using control booths to help with protection and overall operating costs. After all, having a booth positioned on the exterior of the business that is fully equipped with the necessary amenities and features helps cut down on labor costs.

Today, the recycling industry is huge. As more people become concerned with how trash pollutes the planet, individuals and businesses are doing their part to clean things up. As a result, recycling plants around the country are busier than ever. On a daily basis, hundreds of vehicles enter and exit this type of facility. Because of that, there is a growing need for more innovative technology and operating efficiencies.

One concern is theft. Many recycling plants handle a variety of materials that, if stolen, could be sold. For instance, scrap metal has become a target for criminals. In fact, some criminals go as far as cutting electrical systems and air conditioning units to retrieve metal that can be sold for cash. To prevent this material and others from being stolen and to provide employees and customers with protection, booths have become an essential part of the overall security system.


However, there is another reason that recycling plants are choosing control booths. Because these structures can be designed with restroom facilities, air conditioning, heat, and so on, they provide attendants with a safe yet comfortable place to conduct business. Depending on the size of the shelter and on how the plant operates, these booths can also provide waiting drivers and perhaps visitors with a place to rest.


For recycling plants and other industries, control booths have a direct impact on operations and revenue. This makes them a huge asset to any company. If you run a recycling plant and are having trouble finding a booth to accommodate your business, we would be happy to customize something that specifically meets your needs.