Enhance your security with an elevated guard shack

Investing in an elevated guard shack is a smart way to enhance your business's safety and security operations. Whether you're monitoring a distribution center, overseeing a sports complex or outdoor concert venue, or responsible for a high-security facility such as a data center, prison, pharmaceutical laboratory, or movie production studio, an elevated office for security staff is essential. A tall booth that places guard staff several feet above ground level provides increased visibility and is prominently displayed against the landscape. Not only does the elevated guard shack offer a broader vantage point – but it also sends a signal to everyone that surveillance is taken seriously, and any illegal or unauthorized actions will be noticed and perpetrators apprehended.

At B.I.G. Enterprises, we're the leading experts on creating perimeter security and guardhouse architecture. Since 1963, we've built customized security booths and elevated offices for clients around the United States. Custom-designed tall booths are one of our specialties, and this overview is designed to help you see the many uses elevated clerk and security booths can play.

Our Top Six Best-Selling Elevated Guard Booths

An elevated guard shack or clerk’s booth.

The Elevated Clerk’s Booth

When security staff needs to monitor large trucks for a distribution facility or construction site, minimizing visual obstructions is necessary. Featuring stairs that can extend up to 40' and mounted on a prefabricated steel platform. This elevated guard shack model provides numerous options for maintaining business security.

An elevated parking lot guard booth.

The Parking Lot Guard Booth

Large parking lots for sports stadiums, airports, office complexes, and shopping malls often require a security presence to ensure the safety of vehicles parked in the lot and employees and customers traveling to and from them. A custom-designed elevated office provides room for security staff and sends a welcoming message to any person who may need assistance or information.

A bullet resistant guard booth and bus shelter

The Gate Controller

Businesses that offer private, gate-controlled parking are typical in high-density urban areas, exclusive condominium or resort complexes, or industries requiring limited or regulated access. A tall booth positioned at an entry point helps monitor access, direct visitors to the appropriate place, and collect any required information. This additional security layer benefits employees, visitors, or residents as it sends a clear message that safety is taken seriously.

A bullet resistant guard booth and bus shelter

Bullet Resistant Booth and Bus Shelter 

When it comes to workplace environments requiring the highest levels of security, a bullet-resistant elevated guard shack is necessary. This particular model combines an elevated office area with a small transport waiting area below. This model is ideal for a restricted-access laboratory, detention facility, power plant, military or police barracks, or a high-security government facility.

A large two story guard booth

The Two Story Guard Booth

When security staff needs a larger space to combine operations with office space, B.I.G.'s two-story elevated guard shack offers lots of space with a small footprint. This style guard booth can easily accommodate several employees and be modified to include a small on-site restroom. Access to the second floor is provided by external stairs with a separate locking door and provides enhanced security.

A stainless steel two-story toll booth

The Two-Story Stainless Toll Booth 

If you're looking for an architectural show-stopper, this stainless steel elevated guard shack is for you! This model features a modern design, and its construction includes every amenity you can imagine. It provides ample office and operations space, heating and cooling, an internal circular stairway, and an on-site restroom. Security staff will enjoy coming to work when their office is in a building that looks this sharp!

Installing Your Custom Guard Booth

Regardless of which elevated guard shack is right for your business, all are installed on top of a concrete platform that provides a sturdy and secure foundation. If you're replacing an old, outdated elevated office with a new tall booth from B.I.G., we can engineer the structure so that it is bolted to your existing platform.

Every B.I.G. Enterprises guardhouse is designed and constructed to your business's specifications. We work with you to determine:

  • Appropriate Sizes/dimensions for 1, 2, or more employees
  • Equipment and electrical generators
  • HVAC equipment
  • Ballistic Protection
  • Communication and data ports
  • Elevated platforms
  • Height of stairs and style

Whichever model you select, an elevated guard shack is an ideal and affordable way to improve your security and ensure employees, customers, residents, or visitors feel safe and looked after.

At B.I.G. Enterprises, we manufacture the best security guard booths for facilities around the globe. To learn more, read our client case studies, explore frequently asked questions on our FAQ page, and download our white paper with tips from our architectural design experts. To receive a complimentary quote, please give us a call at 1-800-669-1449, or complete our online form.