Understanding What a Guard Shack Is & Can Be

Understanding What a Guard Shack Is & Can Be

The ins and outs of a guard booth are a relatively straightforward subject, but often, our newer customers may not be fully aware of what a guard shack from B.I.G. is capable of. What a booth can be is… anything! We’re here to help you learn about the basics of guard booths with B.I.G. Enterprises.

The Basics: What a Guard Shack Is

A guard shack or guard booth is any kind of enclosure in which security personnel can monitor the comings and goings of a given space. This sounds pretty simple, but guard booths come in all shapes and sizes, and not all of them may present themselves as such at first glance. Many ticket booths that you come across at theme parks and other entertainment venues may very well be functioning as security hubs as well.

What Goes into a Prefabricated Guard Shack?

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Your own personal guard shack meaning can change a lot based on your business’s specific needs. Every aspect of your structure can be customized to your specifications and to enhance the entrance or other touchpoints at your facility. When considering the outcome of asking what is a guard shack that will be right for you, think about what your own values as a proprietor are and go from there. If your business requires bullet resistance, we offer bullet-proof and blast resistant construction. If you need an elegant booth for your valet staff, we have options for streamlined, contemporary designs to blend perfectly with the architectural surroundings, as well. From offering designs with built-in restrooms and HVAC to ensure maximum comfort for your workers, to determining if you need a portable or a stationary design, we’ve got you covered.

Considering the Purpose of Your Guard Structure

While we’re primary in the business of designing prefabricated guard shacks, what we offer for other sectors is vast. The principles of the guard booth can also extend to structures that may not require a controlling human presence to function, like our pay on foot enclosure that protects these convenient machines from vandalism and robbery. As we discussed earlier, a guard shack can include many variables and variants, such as the ticket booths and many transit offices. If you’ve ever waited for the bus underneath a booth that protected you from the elements, you’ve come into direct contact with something that operates similarly but designed for an entirely different purpose than a guard booth that helps secure a warehouse.

Putting it All Together

When you take all of this information into account and arrive at the true guard shack meaning behind it all, you’ll understand why these kinds of booths and locations are such an important part of modern everyday life. A guard shack is what allows the individuals who protect you and your property to keep a watchful eye out for anyone or anything that might wish to harm either one. And we hope you see that if you manage a business or property, it’s crucial to realize that you can’t afford not to have one.

Trust the Experts at B.I.G. Enterprises

We’ve been helping all kinds of businesses, firms and private locations make their security goals a reality since 1963, and we’re willing and able to work with all kinds of clients to make sure their needs are met.

If you still have questions about what a guard shack is, leave us a comment below, and if you want to enlist our help for your own company or project, we’re just a call or email away from making sure you get exactly what you need. Don’t settle for second best when it comes to the safety of yourself, your peers and your property: learn the meaning of a great guard shack first hand when you make the switch to B.I.G. Enterprises and experience the best service, value and quality.