Top Industries & Businesses That Need Security Guard Booths

Top Industries & Businesses That Need Security Guard Booths

Investing in a high-quality, on-site security booth for your business ensures that your employees, clients, and guests are safe. A security guard booth also enables your security personnel to perform at their best, providing the resources they need to monitor your facility, control who enters and exits the premises, and stay protected themselves.

From military bases to distribution warehouses, there are some industries and businesses that need security guard booths more than others. Below, we’ll outline a few of the industries that can truly benefit from an on-site security booth solution.

1. Energy

We often take for granted the fact that when we flip a switch, the lights go on. But the energy we consume in a thousand different ways each and every day is generated thanks to the hard work of thousands of employees in facilities spread throughout the country, from hydroelectric stations to coal-fired power plants. Nuclear power plants, in particular, are high-risk targets, as terrorist organizations may seek to cause catastrophic damage by accessing one of these facilities.

These businesses need security guard booths that feature advanced data and communication capabilities to properly monitor and defend these locations.

2. Government & Military

military base security

A reality of the post-9/11 environment is the threat of attack on government and military facilities around the world. From government buildings to military bases, it is critical that the security solutions implemented at these locations be as strong and powerful as the soldiers themselves. After all, these checkpoints are often the first line of defense in the event of an attack.

Security guard booths outfitted with the most advanced bullet and blast-resistant materials are necessary to keep security teams working in these environments safe from external threats. From bullet-resistant glass and steel-reinforced walls and flooring to slide-open gun ports and mounted LED blinders, there are security booth designs and features that not only keep personnel safe but allow them to mount a counter-offensive if necessary.

3. Education

For college campuses and universities, as well as many high schools and grade schools, there is nothing more important than the safety and security of students and faculty. While preventing acts of violence like school shootings are always a top priority, these are not the only threats that administrators must consider: sexual assaults, muggings, and disorderly conduct all contribute to an environment in which students and educators alike feel unsafe, and that can have long term consequences for any institution.

A proper security station provides the resources campus security professionals need to operate, while also providing a safe haven for students and teachers who may feel threatened or need to report an incident. By matching the exterior of these campus security booths to the natural surroundings of the campus, you can both project a sense of security and authority without creating a feeling of oppression or alarm.

4. Distribution & Logistics

custom guard booth

In the distribution industry, fulfillment centers have continued to grow in size and scale, with the total value of the assets being stored in any given warehouse reaching record levels. Warehouse employees need to feel safe in their jobs in order to maximize their output. But in addition to the concerns over employee safety, any disruption to the supply chain operations at these facilities could lead to significant delays and loss of revenue.

That’s why distribution warehouses, especially those for large carrier services like Amazon and UPS have become businesses that need security guard booths more than ever before.

5. Cannabis

As the legal cannabis market continues to expand, the risk of serious security breaches has become quite real. Because cannabis is not legal in all 50 states, a black market for these products still exists – and that means cannabis producers may vulnerable to thieves, both amateur and professional. A custom security booth solution can keep the facilities that grow, harvest, produce, and distribute cannabis products protected and offer these pioneering business owners valuable peace of mind.

Consider B.I.G. for Your Business

At B.I.G. Enterprises, we specialize in design fully customized prefabricated security booths that meet the unique needs of your industry or business. Whether your mission is to keep your college campus safe or to transform the entrance of a nuclear power plant into an impenetrable fortress, we go above and beyond to satisfy any business that needs a security guard booth.

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