The Unseen Threat

It can be tempting for anyone concerned about security to imagine that the near continuous development of new and increasingly sophisticated technology means there are fewer potential threats to contend with. Fortunately when dealing with an electronic perimeter, there are many steps and processes that can be programmed and automated. However there is still a need for a real live pair of work boots checking the fence line and walking the hallways. A truly secure site will seamlessly integrate physical and digital security to be prepared for the visible and invisible threat.

An observant set of eyes can not only spot a threat and take action to contain it; it can often make the difference between being a target and not. With a guard booth on site, there is both a visual and physical deterrent to any unauthorized access or activity. Anyone visiting the location has only to spot the guard shack to know that there is security personnel on site. In our current state of technological advancement, a guard booth might also house some of the technical security systems. In the case of an emergency, police officers, firefighters and ambulance personnel have a point of contact and coordination. Instead of spending crucial seconds and minutes scrambling to locate where their services are needed, they are quickly able to begin containing the situation at hand.

On an everyday basis, having guard shacks also serves as a secure control point of entry and exit for employees, visitors, service staff, and deliveries. Adding an extra layer of verification and oversight can often help avoid unpleasant situations from developing in the first place. In terms of insurance costs, adding an extra layer of protection can often help you negotiate lower rates. Your site can also enjoy the peace of mind that comes from having your important assets protected by trained security personnel who will concern themselves with ensuring all appropriate security protocols are adhered to. They also act as a key link between the outside world and those monitoring the technical security systems.

A common refrain amongst companies looking to upgrade or enhance their existing security measures is that the need to maintain purpose-built structures to house their security personnel and technical systems. In fact there is always the option of retrofitting buildings though the costs and disruption to business associated make this a expensive and involved choice. While there is also always the option of assigning a room or office for security purposes, this somewhat lessens the visual impact intended. Another option is a portable guard house, that can be installed and moved as many times as needed, which is especially convenient when the terrain of a location is constantly shifting, for example a construction site.

It is clear that however a business chooses to handle the complex mix of security needs, there needs to be a synergy between the physical and digital security measures.