The Many Uses of Equipment Enclosures

Equipment enclosures are specially designed units used to store but also protect both equipment and machinery. Just as with other B.I.G. Enterprises, Inc. products, these enclosures are made from high quality materials and manufactured to precise standards. In addition to buying standard enclosures, the company offers customized options.

Equipment enclosures also come in a wide range of sizes and depending on the type of equipment/machinery that will be stored, they can be enhanced with an array of high security features. For example, enclosures can be made both ballistic and blast resistant, if needed.

Industries that Use Enclosures

The list of industries that use equipment enclosures is quite extensive but below are a few examples:

Agriculture – To protect sensitive irrigation controllers, these enclosures work exceptionally well.

Petroleum – Costco uses B.I.G. equipment shelters nation-wide to protect their gasoline pump equipment.

Military – Data communications equipment can be stored safely in B.I.G. equipment enclosures. Equipment for communications, weaponry, and surveillance can be stored safely in equipment enclosures.

Data Centers – As with military purposes, equipment enclosures made for data centers is usually high security. After all, data centers are comprised of high-dollar equipment used to ensure internet services stay up and running. In addition, some equipment holds a tremendous amount of proprietary information that must be carefully guarded while being stored.

There are endless possibilities pertaining to the design but also use of equipment enclosures. Keep in mind that these enclosures are not all manufactured to the same high standards. For that reason, people around the world trust B.I.G. for their expert knowledge but also unrivaled manufacturing processes.

No matter the industry or how sensitive the equipment might be, equipment enclosures offered by this company are state-of-the-art, thoroughly tested, and proven to be the best available on the market today. Based on your specific needs, B.I.G. can design the right equipment enclosure.