The Importance of Guard Booths at Sports Complexes

How to Improve Stadium Security: The Importance of Guard Booths at Sports Complexes

Security management at sports complexes has gradually become more comprehensive and technologically advanced in the last three decades. Whether the athletic teams are professional or collegiate, providing high-quality sports event security has been a necessity for ensuring the safety of athletes, fans, and stadium staff.

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In the last thirty years, the sources and kinds of potential threats have changed and grown more sophisticated. When teams and sports complex owners improve security, they reduce potential damage to facilities, help protect people, and reduce legal and monetary liabilities that may come about due to security breaches.

Because of these threats, the security industry has developed innovative solutions to help security managers improve sports event security. The Institute of Building Sciences recommends the best way for sports complexes to guard against unauthorized access is to have a separate entrance, such as a guardhouse, be a controlled check-in point.

Guard Booths at Sports Complexes Can Provide Five Important Functions

The modern-day guard booth can operate as a center of command for all facility and security operations. By placing a guard booth in a central location, security staff can access the resources they need to perform their roles. As a result, they are better able to ensure physical property security and the safety of athletes, families, fans, and team staff. Here are five important security functions guardhouses can help to perform.

1. House Video Management Systems

Guard booths at sports facilities can be equipped with video management systems allowing security staff to monitor all locations both inside and outside the complex.

2. Offer Security Communication Systems

Improving security means improving communication between guards and security staff stationed at various locations throughout a sports complex. The guardhouse can be a central point for managing remote communications.

3. Manage Access Management

Sports event security requires knowing who should have access to various locations in the sports complex. Providing guardhouse staff with access control helps ensure that stadium security is accurately managed.

4. Visitor Management Systems

Guardhouses provide a valuable role on game day, but they also are essential for approving and tracking visitors who come to the sports complex on other days. Whether the visitors are reporters, athletic trainers, business office staff, or vendors, improving stadium security by managing visitor activity means ensuring guests have the proper credential to enter the complex. An added benefit is that guardhouse staff can also provide directions and parking information, so visitors know where they need to go.

5. Remotely Controlling Doors and Barriers

When it comes to sports event security, crowd management is of the utmost importance. Technology installed at guardhouses can remotely control door access and barriers that prevent people or vehicles from areas where they do not belong.

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How to Improve Security at High School Sports Complexes

While high school sports stadiums may not attract the number of visitors as professional or collegiate stadiums, keeping young athletes and their families safe during games is essential for schools. The following are ways in which a guardhouse can be effectively used in this setting:

  • Centralized Security Cameras

    Security cameras improve security efforts to reduce vandalism to property and equipment and provide monitoring during games and practices. Suppose a criminal act such as the theft of equipment occurs. In that case, security camera footage offers evidence of who is responsible and how the facility was breached.

  • Facilitate Routine Maintenance

    Guardhouse staff can help facilitate the routine maintenance of the sports complex and reduce risks and hazards.

  • Ensure Visitor Safety

    The guardhouse provides a centralized location for storing and displaying warning signs, distributing parking regulations, and providing general safety information to visiting athletes and game attendees.

  • Secure Athletic Equipment

    Improved security also means protecting access to athletic equipment. Guardhouse staff can also make sure that all athletic equipment is securely stored safely and access regulated.

Whether athletic teams are professional, collegiate, or from a high school, providing professional-level security is now more critical than ever before. When it comes to the safety and security of athletes and their fans, you can’t go wrong by installing a prefabricated guardhouse.

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