The Benefits of Providing Employees with a Comfortable Security Room

The Benefits of Providing Employees with a Comfortable Security Room

Is Your Business’ Security Room Keeping You Secure?

With each passing year, the challenges associated with providing security operations increases. Businesses of all kinds now need to have plans to protect not only employees and customers, but also valuable equipment, facilities, and all other company assets. And the stakes are high – businesses that don’t employ proper security measures can face legal action and criminal penalties if a security breach occurs. Better to ensure that your business’s security room is adequately outfitted to perform all necessary tasks than run the risk of putting people or assets in danger.

Whether you’re operating a technology company, medical research facility, film production studio,  financial institution or Data Center, the first layer of security involves the perimeter. This area may include a parking lot or garage or provide the first point of access that all employees, customers, or visitors need to pass through. This first layer security room can go by many names – a guard house, guard shack, control booth, visitors office, parking booth – but the role it provides is an essential one. Within the space, trained security personnel are stationed to monitor all activity in your business’s facility. This first layer of defense is necessary to keep everyone who belongs on-site safe and keep all those who don’t belong there out.

Technology Protector Security

For many enterprises, the guard house security room serves as a hub through which three kinds of controls are handled:

1) Physical controls such as gates and barriers are administered by the guard on duty,

2) Technical controls such as two-way communicating with security staff at the main building, and

3) Administrative controls, such as issuing entrance badges, recording information, and ensuring those entering or exiting have authority and permission to do so.

Commonwealth Security Room

Security Rooms: Plan Ahead to Stay Secure

When planning the functions of a security room, it’s essential to consider the physical location of the structure, the roles that security guards will need to perform in it, and what level of security risk your business may have. For example, a parking booth at a hospital will have less security risk than a guard booth at a prison complex. It’s also important to factor in amenities to ensure your guard staff can perform their work and stay comfortable.

Understanding HVAC: Your Security Booth’s Heating and Air Conditioning Systems

A guard booth’s heating and air conditioning system and proper insulation in the walls and roof are one of these essential amenities you need to plan for. Throughout the United States, temperatures vary greatly – from four changeable seasons in the northern part of the country to significant shifts in 24-temperates ranges in the deserts of the southwest. Therefore, in most regions in the country, security staff will need to use a guard booth’s heating and air conditioning unit to stay reasonably cool or warm. 

Water Protector Security Room

 Why Your Security Booth Needs Air Conditioning

Regardless of where in the United States your business is located, outfitting your security booth with air conditioning is an excellent idea. Air conditioning isn’t just about lowering the temperature of a workspace; it also helps keep the air clean and clear by providing ventilation and removing airborne pollutants. Not only does proper ventilation help to keep your security employees healthy and alert, but a guard booth air conditioning system is also necessary to preserve the functionality of computer systems and other technical equipment staff may need to use. Those systems are essential for security, so you want to make sure they’re functioning at peak capacity!

Officers Station Security Room

A Security Room with Comfort and System Functionality

When you select B.I.G. Enterprises to draft your business’s security room specifications, we work with you to ensure that all security, employee, and business needs are met. We can also discuss a wide range of features and amenities to create a comfortable security room guard staff will enjoy working in.

Based on customer requests, our most popular guard booth amenities include:

  • Restroom facilities within the structure
  • Custom architectural designs
  • Customized colors
  • A.D.A. and I.B.C. access approved
  • Fully wired for communications and technology equipment
  • Delivered completely assembled (with all documents required for your state’s permitting)

Two Story Security Room

Invest in Security but Choose an Experienced Manufacturer

At B.I.G. Enterprises, we have decades of experience constructing custom-designed, prefabricated guard booths. We believe in offering the highest levels of customer service not only for your satisfaction but also for your safety and security. In business since 1963, our guard booths can be found in all 50 states, and our reputation for quality and price point are unrivaled. Please request a quote today and contact us with any questions.