The Benefits of a Portable Guard Shack

Is your business or organization thinking about investing in an enhanced security presence but worried about the cost associated with installing a permanent structure? If this is the situation you find yourself in, take a look at the portable guard shacks, guard houses, and ticket booths B.I.G. Enterprises offers. If you’re wondering how to go about selecting a high-quality, secure structure, you’ve come to the right place. This article explains the benefits of each one and why they belong in your perimeter security plan. 

At tax time, prefab security booths offer tax savings.

In addition to stick built savings of  25% or more when comparing prefab to traditional construction, you can realize certain tax advantages for prefab booths. Because B.I.G. booths can be moved as a single piece, they are classified as a company’s “tangible property”. For “tangible property”, the purchase price can be depreciated over seven years ( Conventional construction, on the other hand, becomes a permanent addition to the building and is classified as "real property" with a depreciable span of time. This difference in depreciation can reduce project cost and improve the bottom line.

Standard Booth

Why a Portable Guard Shack is a Good Idea

A portable guard shack provides all the advantages associated with mobility. If you’re managing a large-scale residential or commercial construction project, staffing crews for municipal infrastructure repairs, or overseeing any project where entry and exit points will change over time, the portable guard shack is the best return on your investment. They’re easy to transport, simple to set up, and offer enough space to house a security guard and the materials they need to conduct their work. The portable guard shack can easily be transported from one job site to another, and when you buy from B.I.G. Enterprises, we make sure that the construction meets the standards of each state you’ll be working in. It’s hassle-free and minimal worries! Your portable guard shack’s exterior can also be custom-designed to display your business’ logo, hours, or other information.

Portable Guard Shack

A Portable Guard House: Key Advantages

With a portable guard house, all manufacturing is handled by B.I.G. Enterprises off-site. Similar to our permanent security buildings, each portable guard house can be custom-designed with your business needs in mind. We offer many options ranging from high-security, bullet-resistant fabrication to stainless steel framed windows to custom paint and finishing details. When your portable guard house is finished, we deliver it to your location and place it to your specifications. In time, if you wish to move the structure to another site, it’s easy to disconnect and tow on a flatbed truck. In addition, a portable guard house can also serve as a temporary storage place that you can quickly move from one place to another—having this degree of portability results in considerable cost savings and increased flexibility of use.

Why a Portable Ticket Booth Make Good Business Sense

Whether you’re managing an outdoor concert series, collegiate, amateur, or professional sporting events, or regional crafts and antique shows, event organizers need portable ticket booths that can easily and quickly move to different locations. Lightweight, portable ticket booths serve several other purposes: they can provide a home base for security needs, serve as a central information center, and collect admission fees from event attendees. Portable ticket booths offer flexibility and play an important role in both large-scale events and smaller ones. An additional benefit is that a portable ticket booth can also perform double duty to handle parking lot entrances and exits.

While portable ticket booths can be manufactured to provide only the essentials, they can also be customized and enhanced with various features and amenities.

Portable Ticket Booth

A Portable Guard Shack Helps to Control Security Expenses

Choosing a portable guard shack, guard house, or ticket booth helps your business maintain its security presence without investing significant sums of money on a permanent structure. If you’re working in an area prone to extreme weather conditions such as flooding, tornados, or hurricanes, a portable guard house, shack, or booth can quickly and easily be moved to a safe location.

B.I.G. Enterprises Offers Security, Safety, and Comfort

At B.I.G. Enterprises, our portable ticket booths, guard shacks, and guard houses provide the same high level of safety and security as our permanent, custom-built, and prefabricated guard structures. Our portable structures can be manufactured with a wide array of features, including bullet-resistant walls and doors, tinted windows, custom interiors with complete electrical services, heating, air conditioning, storage space for security staff, and much more.

In short, portable guard shacks, ticket booths, and guard houses can provide everything your business needs to operate efficiently while providing a high level of security and customer service. Your security guards will feel comfortable and supported in their work, your customers and employees will feel secure, and you’ll rest easy knowing that the cost easily fits into your budget.

Choose the Security Expert

At B.I.G. Enterprises, our decades of experience show in every portable guard shack, guard house, and ticket booth we create. We invite you to review our portable and permanent security structures and contact us to learn more and request a quote.